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Spiritfall is an Action Roguelike with combat inspired by Platform Fighters.

Slash, smash, launch, and wall-splat a multitude of enemies using an ever-changing arsenal of divine powers through a randomly generated map

The Omenforged fighting some Vermin and Bile Flies with the Sisterhood Gauntlets and the Battle Hammer-Axe in the Outskirts region
The Omenforged with some of the NPCs in Spiritfall. The Mediary, The Runesmith and Child, The Shrine Keeper of the Forest and the Enduring Sentry boss.
The Omenforged
  • Traverse dangerous biomes and unleash deadly combos as you battle against a multitude of enemies at the same time. 
  • The divine spirits offer powerful blessings that enhance your abilities in combat, discover your favorite active and passive abilities and experiment with unique builds.
  • Enchant your Weapon by defeating enemies! This is Boosted by your combo system so the better you play, the more ways you will have to optimize your in-game build.
  • Death is only a temporary setback, reawaken stronger than before at the Sanctum and continue your adventure. Use the resources you gathered to upgrade your skills, unlock unique charms and mighty weapons.
  • NPCs can be encountered throughout your journey, some will even return to the Sanctum and help you on your quest. Others may not be as friendly...
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