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An Action Roguelike inspired by Platform Fighters

  • Traverse dangerous regions and unleash deadly combos as you battle against a multitude of enemies

  • The Divine Spirits offer powerful blessings that enhance your abilities in combat, discover your favourites and experiment with unique builds


The Omenforged wielding the Astral Cord Bow
  • Forge, wield and enchant an arsenal of weapons that can be improved by your in-run performance through enchantments

  • Death is only a temporary setback, reawaken stronger than before at the Sanctum and use gathered resources to upgrade your skills and unlock unique charms before continuing your adventure

Tipp the helper
A Roninshroom Enemy. A blighted mushroom warrior, with sharp blades of thorns that extend from their hands.

A Brawling Action Roguelike

Slash, smash, launch, and wall-splat your enemies with an ever-changing arsenal of divine powers. Smooth movement and tight combos are the key to victory!

Journey to the Brink

Join forces with mysterious characters, obtain and unlock powerful permanent abilities, and unravel the lore behind the corruption spreading across the land.

The Omenforged with some of the NPCs in Spiritfall. The Mediary, The Runesmith and Child, The Shrine Keeper of the Forest and the Enduring Sentry boss.
Laurel - Indie X Winner of Most Fun to Play 2023
Laurel - Tiny Teams Selection 2022
Laurel - WN Contest Finalist 2022

Apply for Spiritfall Creator Access

We're looking for Content Creators who are interested in playing and reviewing Spiritfall during Steam Early Access and our Full Release.

All types and sizes of Content Creators welcome to apply!

The Divine Spirit of the Bear, Mishved


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