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Fact Sheet

Game Name: Spiritfall
Developer: Gentle Giant

Release Date: February 28, 2024

Platforms: Steam (PC / Mac), TBA

Price: $19.99

Press Contact:


Social Media: Twitter, TikTokInstagram, Facebook, Discord, YouTube


Spiritfall is an action roguelike inspired by platform fighters with a beautifully vibrant, hand-drawn art style, fluid animations, and powerful atmospheric music. Players will traverse dangerous regions, and unleash dynamic combos as they battle against hordes of enemies using an ever-changing arsenal of powers. On their journey, players will encounter mysterious characters, forge and upgrade a variety of epic weapons, and unlock new elemental skills, chambers, and secrets.



  • A Roguelike with Platform Fighter Elements: Spiritfall seamlessly integrates tight platform fighter combat, nimble movement, and roguelike mechanics. Traverse five dangerous regions and unleash dynamic combos through a procedurally generated map for a unique gameplay experience in every run.

  • Divine Synergies Await: Delve into the Realm Beyond where the Divine Spirits provide powerful blessings that enhance your combat abilities. Discover your favorite abilities among 160+ blessings, explore various synergies, and experiment with unique builds.

  • Grow Stronger from Defeat: Death is but a temporary setback. Reawaken stronger than before at the Sanctum and continue your adventure with a choice from 10 weapons and their many upgrades and enchantments. Equip mighty weapons and master new powers with each rebirth.

  • Fateful Encounters: Engage with enigmatic characters like the Relic Tinkerer, offering powerful relics to alter your strategy, or Yara and her turtle companion Damu, who might provide essential items to extend your journey.



Spiritfall Launch Trailer YouTube

Spiritfall Release Date Trailer YouTube

Spiritfall Early Access Launch Trailer YouTube



Key Art / Images for Content Creators

Key Art / Images for CC
Spiritfall Game Logo


Awards & Recognition
  • Indie X "Most Fun to Play" - Winner (2023)

  • Dreamhack Beyond "Best Graphics" - Winner (2023)


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Selected Articles

About Gentle Giant Games


Gentle Giant was founded in 2020 by industry veterans, Or Avrahamy and Nadav Tenenbaum. They founded Gentle Giant to share their passion with the world and deliver games they believe in into the hands of players everywhere.

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